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Semin A. N.

Academic degree: DSc (Economics)
Position: Head of the Department of Strategic and Industrial Management, Ural State Mining University, Editor-in-Chief of Teoriia i praktika mirovoi nauki = Theory and Practice of World Science, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Research interests: planning, prediction and strategic management at different levels of national economy
Orcid: 0000-0001-8270-2257
Scopus ID: 56286045500

• Semin A. N., Skvortsov E. A., Pryadilina N. K. The organizational-and-economic mechanism for reproduction of labor resources capable of mastering robotics in agriculture. AIP Conference Proceedings. 2023; 2921(1): 080004.
• Semin A., Mironov D., Kislitskiy M., Zasypkin A., Ivanov V. Improving the theoretical and methodological framework for implementing digital twin technology in various sectors of agriculture. Emerging Science Journal. 2023; 7(4):1100–1115.
• Semin A. N., Faminskaya M. V., Ponkratov V. V., Mikhayluk O. N., Shapoval G. N. Risk assessment and its management for environmental pollution in oil refinery using FMEA approach. Caspian Journal of Environmental Sciences. 2023; 21(3): 603–622.
• Gusmanov R., Stovba E., Lukyanova M., Semin A., Gilmutdinova R. Creating optimal conditions for the development of agribusiness by scenario modeling of the production and industry structure of agricultural formations. International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning. 2023; 18(4): 1025–1034.
• Gusmanov R., Semin A., Stovba E., Zalilova Z., Faizov N. Developing a strategy for sustainable rural development in the covid-19 pandemic. Polish Journal of Environmental Studies. 2023; 32(2):1125–1143.


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