Issue 4


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№4 2023

Кirsanov А. К.
Karvanen А. Е.
Anushenkov S. V.

А review of  the methods  of  mine support protection  from the effect of  different types of corrosion 9

Mulukhov К. К.
Beslekoeva Z. N.
Budaeva А. А.
Startsev V. А.

Developing the design of an open-pit steep incline belt-wheel conveyor. 
(ln English)

Zhuravlev А. G.
Cherepanov V. А.
Karpov V. А.
Nevezhin А. Iu

Assessing the road conditions  of the Olimpiada  and Blagodatny  mining and processing plants 25

Kantemirov V. D.
Тitov R. S.
lakovlev А. М.
Developing formulations for hardening backfill for underground workings when developing an oil and titanium field 38


Makarov V. N.
Belskikh А. М.
Makarov N. V.
Churakov Е. О.
Dyldin G. Р.

lmproving fans for air coolers through nature-like proportionality 55

Kaimonov М. V. Developing recommendations for optimal thermal conditions for gold heap leaching in the permafrost zone 68

Shishliannikov D. I.
Trifanov М. G.
Prosovskii К. А.
Losev D. А.
Тiubeev T. Kh.

lmproving  the  working  capacity of mechanized  comblne  systems at potash mines 82

Grevtsev N.
Amdur А. М.
Forshev А. А.
Fedorov S. А.
Samigullin Т.

Studying the possibllity of using peat as а component of pulverized coal fuel in metallurgical processes 93  
Vikulov V. М.
Volkov М. N.
Optimizing the method of laying anchor support when building complex underground structures in the vicinity of urban areas 104






Kalaigoroda V.
Prostov S. М.
Shabanov Е. А.
Nikulin N.
Complex geophysical monitoring for locating endogenous  fires in the coal  mine wall 120


Gendler S. G.
Medova Е.  А.
Ensuring  the  aerologic  safety  of  open  pit  workforce under large-scale Ыasting 132







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