Issue 1


ISSN 0536-1028 (Print)              ISSN 2686-9853 (Online)  
Issue №1 2022

Geomechanics. Rock breaking

Nguyen Q. Ph.
Nguyen V. M.
Nguyen V. C.

Design of fully grouted rock bolts – a reinforcement concept: analytical and numerical calculation


Shishkin E. A.
Smoliakov A. A.

Assessing the explosion effect on rock mass pre-destruction


Shadrin A. S.
Konoshonkin D. V.
Antonov A. E.
Rukavishnikov V. S.
Petrova D. S.

Determination of geomechanical properties of the Jurassic and Pre-Jurassic sediments of the Tomsk region 34


Mineral processing

Gazaleeva G. I.
Bulatov K. V.

Choosing special methods of selective disintegration and schemes for complex refractory ore




Geotechnology, mining machinery


Liashenko V. I.
Khomenko O. E.
Golik V. I.
Mitsik M. F.

Justifying the parameters of ore fields underground mining with goaf backfilling 58

Makarov N. V.
Makarov V. N.
Ugolnikov A. V.
Churakov E. O.
Arslanov A. A.

Local diffusion airfoil control as an effective way of increasing the adaptability of gas air cooler fan unit 72

Zalazinskii A. G.

Monitoring the technical condition of the main mine hoist 84

Gabaraev O. Z.
Dedegkaeva N. T.
Gabaraev G. O.

The technology of mining tungstenmolybdenum ore of Slepaya Zalezh at Tyrnyauz deposit




Mine surveying. Mining geology

Bazhenova E. A.

Assessing geodynamic activity of rock by the borehole survey results




Geoecology. Occupational safety and health


Khokhriakov A. V.
Tseitlin E. M.
Studenok G. A.

Training of a new generation of environmental professionals as an important part of the national mineral and mining industry competitive advantages creation in the face of the present and future global challenges






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