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Development of mineral deposits and technogenous formations    
Valiev N. G.
Berkovich V. Kh.
Propp V. D.
Kokarev K. V
The problems of developing protection pillars under the exploitation of ore deposits  



Regional problems of mining



Golik V. I.
Razorenov Iu. I.
Strengthening the raw material base of metal deposits of the Urals  



Construction of shafts and underground structures

Kornilkov M. V.
Petriaev V. E.
Kankov E. V.
Polovov B. D
The experience of solving the problems of estimating the quality of reinforced concrete anchors installation in conditions of operating mining enterprises of the Urals  

Latyshev O. G.
Prishchepa D. V.
Kazak O. O.
The forecast of rock displacements to determine the underground working support load  



Mine surveying and geodesy



Konovalov V. E.
Germanovich Iu. G
Substance migration at minerals production and primary processing  



Geoinformational systems and models



Bashirov N. R Method for dynamic design of dumps in preliminary simulation of airflow  



Destruction of rocks. Drilling-and-blasting operations

Zharikov S. N. The study of seismic sustainability of rock massif at the limiting contour of an open pit to produce slope works  

Nasirov U. F.
Umarov F. Ia.
Makhmudov D. R.
Zairov Sh. Sh.
The study of the measurements of the zones of crushing and fissuring under the blasting destruction of rocks  



Mechanisation of mining. Mining machines and complexes



Andreeva L. I.
Krasnikova T. I.
Lashmanov V. A
Reserves of repair service: standardization of processes  



Mining transport



Afanas'ev A. I.
Suslov D. N.
Chirkova A. A.

The analysis of effectiveness of work of vibrationgenerators of resonant vibration-transport machines  

Mulenkova A. O.
Demchenko I. I.
Drozdova N. A
Determination of weight and size parameters of containers for high-quality coal delivery from the face of an open pit to the consumer  



Ore preparation and mineral dressing


Mamonov S. V.
Gazaleeva G. I.
Dresviankina T. P.
Volkova S. V.
Vasil'ev I. D.

Improvement of technological indices of copper smelters slags processing on the basis of their slow cooling and ultra-fine grinding  

Iudin A. V

Probability simulation of the process of fractions extraction at bar screening surface with an open slot  



Applied mining geology, hydrogeology and geophysics



Filatov V. V.
Bolotnova L. A.

Horizontal shear zones and their reflection in the gravitational field  

Marchevskaia V. V.
Mukhina T. N.
Khashkovskaia T. N.

The valuable metals distribution in grinded low-sulfide platinum-metal ores from the kola peninsula  


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