Issue 1


ISSN 0536-1028 (Print)              ISSN 2686-9853 (Online)  
Issue №1 2023
  Geotechnology. Mining machinery  

Andreeva L. I.
Abramov S. V.

Methods of mining machine components reconditioning and hardening by means of concentrated energy fluxes

(In English)


Sadovets V. Iu.
Rezanova E. V.
Sadovets R. V.

Parametric model for a cutting edge contour of the geokhod cutting body blade  16

Bezkorovainyi P. G.
Shestakov V. S.

Determining rational parameters for the impeller of a hydraulic excavator with a crowding mechanism


Olizarenko V. V.
Burmistrov K. V.
Zubkov A. A.
Rybakov A. N.

Justifying the power consumption of mine dewatering pumps by the example of the Akkerman mine 36 

Gabov V. V.
Shishliannikov D. I.
Korolev A. I.
Mikriukov A. Iu.
Muravskii A. K.

Rationale for the efficient design of a face scraper-type cutting conveyor 46


Mine surveying. Mining geology


Senin L. N.
Senina T. E.

A method of seismic microzoning based on the vulnerability coefficient
(In English)




Mineral processing


Kozin V. Z.
Komlev A. S.
Stupakova E. V.

Correction factor to the formula of sample reduction error  66

Sokolov I. V.
Solomein Iu. M.
Smirnov A. A.
Nikitin I. V.

The advisability of an underground processing facility at the Voronets iron ore deposit 78 


Occupational safety


Kornilkov S. V.
Kravchuk I. L.
Cherepanov V. A.

Indicators of the emergence of hazardous production situations in the integrated monitoring data of the state of mining operations  89

Dzaparov V. Kh.
Sakhnov A. V.
Zdorovets I. L.
Shokhov S. O.

Industrial effluents of mining enterprises of the North Caucasus and water resources 101  


History. Data. Reviews


Beliaev V. P.
Gladkova I. V.

The 60th anniversary of the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies  110






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