Issue 2


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  Geomechanics. Destruction of rocks. Physical and chemical processes of mining  
Kolganov A. V.
Sidorov D. V.
Assessing the seismic effect of quarry blasting at surface mineral workings on the state of underground mines using PRESS 3D URAL software (In English) 5

Zubkov A. V.
Sentiabov S. V.

Rock pressure control methods based on detected regularities of stress formation in mining structures (In English) 14  

Konstantinov A. V.
Rasskazov M. I.
Tsoi D. I.

Mathematical tools and software for the distributed geophone network of Prognoz-ADS geomechanical monitoring system 26  
Karablin M. M.
Prostov S. M.

Taking into account the spatial variability of the physical and mechanical properties of a hydraulic dump when flushing it


Alieva M. G.
Valiev N. G.
Kerimov V. M.

Flat-radial stationary motion of incompressible oils in a uniform horizontal circular formation according to diffrent filtration laws 43  


Mining and oil-and-gas geology, geophysics

Bobina T. S.

Engineering and geological zoning of the Malmyzhsky deposit weathering crusts (Svoboda area)

Davydov V. A.

Geophysical research at the Revda intersection of the Serov-Mauk regional fault



Mineral processing

Khopunov E. A.

Digitization of subsoil use technologies


Vishniakov A. V.
Fedorov Iu. O.
Chikin A. Iu.

Improving the technology of manganese ore X-ray radiometric separation


Smirnov A. N.
Grishin I. A.
Masalimov A. V.

Characterizing magnesite heavy-media separation screenings as promising technogenic raw materials 88  


Mining mechanical engineering. Mining machinery and transport


Lukashuk O. A.
Letnev K. Iu.

Determining operation parameters of the leverage mechanism in a mining excavator 94  




Chicherin I. V.
Fedosenkov B. A.
Syrkin I. S.
Sadovets V. Iu.
Dubinkin D. M.

Using a wavelet medium for computer-aided controlling the movement of unmanned vehicles along quarry routes (In English) 103  
Lapin E. S.
Abdrakhmanov M. I.

Functional approach to deterministic finite-state automata systems dynamic modeling.






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