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Alexandr N. Pankratenko

Academic degree: DSc (Engineering)
Position: Head of the Department of Constructing Mining Enterprises and Underground Structures, Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, Moscow, Russia
Research interests: theoretical fundamentals and methodology of designing and constructing complex underground facilities
Scopus ID: 57196276611

• Pleshko M. S., Pankratenko A. N., Nasonov A. A., Isaev A. S. Geomechanical monitoring and stress–strain analysis of lining in ultra deep mine shafts. Eurasian Mining. 2023; 39(1): 3–19.
• Pankratenko A. N., Mashin A. N., Nasonov A. A., Parinov D. S. Features of structural assessment of long life mine shafts. Gornyi Zhurnal. 2023; 1: 20–26.
• Nikolaev P., Sedighi M., Rajabi H., Pankratenko A. Artificial ground freezing by solid carbon dioxide – Analysis of thermal performance. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology. 2022; 130: 104741.
• Pleshko M. S., Pankratenko A. N., Pleshko M. V., Nasonov A. A. Assessment of stress–strain behavior of shaft lining in bottomhole area during sinking by real-time monitoring and computer modeling data // Eurasian Mining. 2021. No. 35(1). P. 25–30.
• Marysyuk V. P., Mushtekenov T. S., Pankratenko A. N., Kaledin O. S. Geomechanical monitoring and stress–strain analysis of rock mass – lining system during sinking of super-deep shaft sks-1 in Skalisty mine. Gornyi Zhurnal. 2020; 6: 23–27.


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