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Introduction. Modern mining enterprises in Russia and abroad use opencast mining on a wide scale making the best use of the cyclic-flow technology with mobile crushing plants (PDPU) of various designs. Research aim is to substantiate the methodology of designing mobile crushing plants.
Methodology. The work of designers and constructors in choosing the type of PDPU layout scheme and elements of its design, as well as in improving the installation as a whole, is difficult due to the lack of a unified methodological approach to the design of mobile crushing plants in a modular (block) design. Multiple layout solutions in mobile crushing plants design required the formulation of general principles for such plants. PDPU structures were analyzed in the article, and the optimal layout of the plant in a modular design was substantiated as a part of the open-pit transport scheme.
Results. The research, including the research carried out in IM UB RAS, made it possible to develop initial requirements for such plants design. In accordance with the requirements the designers of the Uralmash Machine-Building Corporation developed the technical design of the PDPU-2000 mobile unit with a capacity of 2000 m3/ h, consisting of three modules based on the cone crusher KKD 1500/180.
Conclusions. Two and three-module plants equipped with large-sized jaw and cone crushers are promising modular PDPU designs currently being developed. The transfer of installation modules to a new location is carried out using a multi-purpose tracked conveyor with a lifting capacity of up to 1000 tons. Recently, there has been an increased interest in this type of PDPU, as evidenced by the large number of patented technical solutions.

Key words: mobile crushing plant; cone crusher; capacity; tracked vehicle; a conveyor belt; open pit

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Received 26 February 2020



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