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DOI: 10.21440/0536-1028-2019-6-108-117

Zhetesova G. S., Beisembaev K. M., Mendikenov K. K., Teliman I. V., Akizhanova Zh. T. Modelling scraper conveyor operation in the turn zone. Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii. Gornyi zhurnal = News of the Higher Institutions. Mining Journal. 2019; 6: 108–117 (In Russ.). DOI: 10.21440/0536-1028-2019-6-108-117

Introduction. More complex mining and geological conditions of solid minerals extraction during
underground development result in the loss of work efficiency. The solution to the problems is in the
creation of shortwall extraction technologies based on the swivel scraper conveyor operation.
Research aim. Based on the analysis of the single-chain traction unit operation situated in the centre
of pans, research aims to provide steady movement of scrapers at ramp’s turn up to 90° in the bedding
plane, develop the constructive scheme of a conveyor which meets the accepted work technologies.
Methodology. System analysis of structures is carried out together with the traction unit movement study,
based on the simulation with the method of dynamic equations linearization in Adams, with the analysis
of data from swivel conveyor prototypes testing.
Results. The model and the movement mechanism of the tension unit with scrapers along the pin-connected
pans at an angle up to 15° have been worked out and substantiated; constructive schemes of units for
the turn zone have been identified, ensuring the stability of tension unit movement and the retention of the
transported material within the limits of the rod. It has made it possible to develop the specification
of requirement for the conveyor test model design, calculation and testing, and specify its scope.
Summary. The possibility of creating efficient models based on the linearization of dynamics equations in
Adams package taking into account oscillations within the system. Features of scrapers movement in the
turn zone and the mechanism of oscillations suppression by means of a “pair of forces” at the scraper
of a traction unit have been identified. The system is effective under the angle of the turn up to 15ο for each
pan. Constructive schemes have been identified for a swivel scraper conveyor that ensure the steady
movement of scrapers and overlap the gaps at the turns of the sections, with an elastic segmental reflector.

Key words: modeling; scraper conveyor; turn zone; linearization of dynamics equations.
Acknowledgements: Research has been carries out on AR05134441 “Development, production and trial run of
a new conveyor turn block design with the turn at a corner up to 90 degrees in the mine ground plane for longface
systems and curved mines.” We thank D. E. Orazbekov for taking part in writing the present research.



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Received 28 March 2019



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