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Bovin K. A., Gilev A. V. – Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk, the Russian Federation. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The construction is proposed of a demountable cutting bit with disk milling cutters (DRDF-244.5-2) equipped with two rows
of cermet cutting structure, which performs complex impact of hard-alloy teeth on rock, including crumpling, shearing,
cleaving, and cutting. Possible operating modes of the drill bit DRDF-244.5-2 are investigated: stable mode, anti-roll mode,
and blocked mode. Modeling of interaction of rock-destroying elements with the bottom surface of a borehole is executed
under the stable work of the drill bit. The expressions for the calculation of the moments of the tooth-wheel milling cutters with
two rows of hard-alloy cutting structure, as well as the rational axial forces ensuring stable work of the drill bit in rocks of
different fortresses are determined. The article introduces the diagram to determine axial force ensuring stable operating
mode of drill bits DRDF-244.5-2 with different quantity of tooth-wheel milling cutters. It has been determined that double-row
cutting structure of the drilling device with rotary-cutting milling cutters provides the diversification of the sphere of rational
exploitation of rotary-cutting drill bits. Blasthole drilling with the drill bit DRDF in stable operation mode in rocks with vide range
of physical and mechanic properties change is ensured by the control over the axial force depending on rock hardness.
Key words: axial force; rock hardness; blasthole drilling; drilling device; stable operating mode.
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