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Gennadii G. Pivniak

Academic degree: DSc (Engineering)
Position: former rector of the National Mining University, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, professor, vice-president of the Union of Rectors of Ukrainian Institutions of Higher Education, Dnipro, Ukraine
Research interests: physical and technical problems of electromagnetic energy parameters conversion and regulation; advanced technologies, equipment and control means that ensure mining and smelting efficiency and safety
Orcid: 0000-0002-8462-2995
Scopus ID: 6602112272

• Pivniak H., Aziukovskyi O., Papaika Yu., Lutsenko I., Neuberger N. Problems of development of innovative power supply systems of Ukraine in the context of european integration. Naukovyi Visnyk Natsionalnoho Hirnychoho Universytetu. 2022; 5: 89–103.
• Pivnyak G., Gruhler G., Bublikov A., Papaika Y., Voskoboinyk Y. Classification of heating conditions in terms of smart control of indoor heating with the use of uncontrolled electric heaters. Naukovyi Visnyk Natsionalnoho Hirnychoho Universytetu. 2022; 4: 78–83.
• Pivnyak G., Azukovskiy O., Papaika Y., Olczak P., Dyczko A. Assessment of power supply energy efficiency by voltage quality criterion. Rynek Energii. 2021; 155(4): 75–84.
• Pivnyak G., Pevzner M., Medvedev A., Bajerski A., Smoliński A. A study on the static field of a point charge in three-dimensional electrodynamics. Journal of Physics Communications. 2020; 4(7): 1–9: 075020.



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