Issue 6


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№6 2023
Churakov E. O.
Makarov V. N.
Makarov N. V.
Akhmetov R. G
Dynamics of mine drainage centrifugal pumps technological development
(In English)

Denner V. I.
Kosolapov A. I.
Analyzing methods of sand preparation at placer deposit development 18

Smirnov A. A.
Baranovskii K. V.
Rozhkov A. A.
Nikitin I. V

Determining the rational parameters of ore caving and frontal draw in the conditions of Russia’s northern regions 27

Lel Iu. I.
Glebov I. A.
Isakov S. V.
Musikhina O. V.
Ganiev R. S

The technology of transition to tunnel opening when cleaning up deep kimberlite pipes 38


Trifanov G. D.
Kuoza V. D.

Interaction of the mining machine planetary-disc body with the rock mass in the undercutting mode 50







Stupakova E. V Analysis and optimization of sample preparation schemes
(In English)

Kozin V. Z.
Komlev A. S.
Grab sampling method at dressing mills 68

Garkavi M. S.
Gorlova O. E.
Kolodezhnaia E. V.
Kolkova M. S.
Kutlubaev I. M

Analyzing the characteristics of smelter slag crush granulometric composition with regard to different crushability of size fraction 79  





Aleksandrov B. M.
Egoshina O. S.

Using IT-technologies when researching into the genesis of substance formation by the example of peat 91








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