Issue 2


ISSN 0536-1028 (Print)              ISSN 2686-9853 (Online)  
Issue №2 2022

Geotechnology. mining machinery

Valerii V. Sidorov
Aleksandr I. Kosolapov

Studying the effect of overburden removal flow diagram parameters on open pit possible productive capacity when developing an inclined formation
(In English)


Geller Iu. A.
Belkina O. S
Studying the possibility of controlling the dynamic state of an impact ripper
(In English)

Leonov V. A.
Khazin M. L.
Conditions and parameters for a four-track vehicle to overcome obstacles
(In English)

Valiev N. G.
Propp V. D.
Kolesnikov A. A.
Berkovich V. Kh.
Shadrin D. M

Improving the technology of underground mining of polymetallic ores at the Korbalikhinsky mine of Siberia-Polymetals JSC

Gurov M. Iu.
Velikanov V. S
On the sustainable development of the energy theory of natural stone diamond-abrasive destruction 48



Geomechanics. Rock breaking

Filatov V. V.
Bolotnova L. A
Evaluating tectonic dislocations formation under the action of stresses at the Upper Kama potassium salt deposits 57

Abramkin N. I.
Efimov V. I.
Mansurov P. A.
Empirical techniques for assessing rock mass condition 68

Guliaev A. N. Neotectonics and seismicity of the Urals 77



Mine surveying. Mining geology



Gainanov Sh. Kh

Activation of exogenous processes within the Kama region local structures of the red-colored terrigenic formation



Orochko A. V.
Ianukian A. P
Predicting horizontal well flow rates under the geological conditions of Western Siberia fields 96






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