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Baltieva A. A., Shamganova L. S., Abdykarimova G. B., Panzhin A. A. Existing monitoring systems and the need to update the regulatory and methodological framework to ensure the safety of open pit mining. Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii. Gornyi zhurnal = News of the Higher Institutions. Mining Journal. 2019; 7: 92–100 (In Russ.). DOI: 10.21440/0536-1028-2019-7-92-100

Introduction. Steady increase in the depth of mining poses more complex problems for specialists and scientists all over the world connected with subsoil use efficiency and safety. Complex monitoring system which includes modern observation technologies, data selection and transfer, as well as emergency response and loss of life averting is a powerful tool for the mentioned tasks solution. Research aim is to define the integrate strategy of geomonitoring at opencast mining in the modern context.
Methodology. At the present time the earth’s surface displacement and deformation assessment criteria of the existing normative-methodological framework in the Republic of Kazakhstan are rather generalized and do not take into account the achievements of modern monitoring systems implemented to observe pit benches and edges deformation.
Results. The article presents the proofs of reliability of various monitoring systems and gives good examples from the worldwide practice.
Summary. By analysis results, the most reliable equipment has been determined for short term monitoring with early warning system; the scheme of developing an integrated geomonitoring system at open cast deposits has also been presented. The introduction of pit edges integrated monitoring strategy will significantly improve the safety of mining, prevent emergency connected with geomechanical processes, will make it possible to collect data on deformations. This solution will significantly reduce geomechanical risks and allow to continue ore excavation in complex conditions in a safe and economical way.

Key words: pit; types of monitoring; safety of mining; optical-electronic, laser-ranging, satellite navigation/remote sensing, photogrammetric, radar and georadar technologies; deformations.



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Received 11 June 2019




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