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DOI: 10.21440/0536-1028-2019-6-118-123

Poliakov S. V. Determination of steel wire rope parameters affecting the safety of operation.
Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenii. Gornyi zhurnal = News of the Higher Institutions. Mining Journal. 2019; 6: 118–123 (In Russ.). DOI: 10.21440/0536-1028-2019-6-118-123


Introduction. Winding wire rope, being a flexible element capable of carrying high tensile load, is widely
used in modern hoisting equipment. Now it is hard to imagine the majority of important sectors of economy
without the well-used hoisting wire ropes. This primarily applies to construction and mining where wire
rope is widely used in hoisting equipment.
Research aim. Based on scientific discoveries in mine wire ropes design made by the Russian scientists,
the present research aims to determine the main parameters affecting mine wire rope safe operation.
Methodology. Hoisting wire ropes in service, operating in the conditions of free suspension, are subject to
significant unwinding in tension in deep hoisting shafts, as a result, spiral elements lay angles of wire rope
change and cause a geometrically nonlinear nature of strains. Calculating the radius and angle of waviness
using an inflexible calculation model results in low accuracy. The present research determines the
parameters affecting wire rope safe operation; nonlinear theory of wire ropes calculation has been applied
making it possible to improve the reliability and durability of the mine wire rope.
Results. The present article defines and provides support for the parameter affecting the safe operation of
mine hoisting wire ropes. The equation of the radius of waviness is derived through nonlinear dependences.
The quantitative value of the permissible radius of waviness is specified.
Summary. The obtained formulae allow to determine the permissible value of the radius of waviness
wherein future safe operation of mine wire rope is possible. Due to the formulae which determine the
permissible value of the radius of waviness, the recommendations given in this article will improve
the security of steel mine wire rope operation.

Key words: wire rope; strains; permissible value; waviness, lay angle; theory of wire rope.

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Received 8 April 2019



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