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Academic degree: DSc (Engineering)
Position: Head of the Department of Occupational Safety and Health, Azerbaijan State Oil Industry University, Baku, the Republic of Azerbaijan
Research interests: safety of flow processes in the petroleum and petroleum refining industries, modeling chemical processes
Orcid: 56604027000
Scopus ID: 6504272859

• Shahmuradov S. T., Rasulov Ch. K., Mammadov A. M. Cycloalkylation of para-chlorophenol with 1-methyl-cycloalkenes in the presence of a zeolite-containing catalyst. ChemChemTech. 2024; 67(1): 110–118.
• Hesenov A. A., Qurbanli U. R., Rasulov C. K., Haydarli G. Z., Naghiyeva M. V. Synthesis and properties of 2-hydroxy-3[3(4)-methylcyclohexen-3-yl-isopropyl]-5-arylkylacetophenone. Russian Journal of General Chemistry. 2023; 93(3): 754–759.
• Zalov A. Z., Rasulov C. K., Mammadova S. A., Aliyev S. G. Extraction-photometric determination of iron(iii) in oil and oil products of baku using 2-hydroxy-5-halogenthiophenol and hydrophobic amines. Azerbaijan Chemical Journal. 2023; 3: 126–133.
• Naghiyeva M. V., Rasulov Ch. K. Synthesis and properties of the methyl esters of 3,5-di-methylcycloalkyl-4-hydroxyphenylpropionic acid. ChemChemTech. 2023; 66(6): 85–93.
• Haydarli G. Z., Naghiyeva M. V., Aghamaliyev Z. Z., Salmanova C. K., Rasulov C. K. Synthesis of 2-hydroxy-3[3(4)-metylcyclogexen-3-yl-isopropyl]- 5-methylacetophenones. ChemChemTech. 2022; 65(3): 100–106.




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