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Volkov P. S. – The Ural State Mining University, Ekaterinburg, the Russian Federation. Е-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Random distribution of precious metals in the bulk of the reduced sample under its preparation for the analysis leads to
some divergence in the results of parallel analyses. The addition of the operation of concentration into the sample
preparation scheme, separate analysis of concentrate and tailings, and the calculation of the mass fraction of precious
metals with balance equation gives satisfactory convergence under the parallel analysis of samples containing precious
metals. To check the given fact the calculation of theoretical error of reduction has been fulfilled, the experiment over
the reduction of a sample of artificial mixture of quartz with sample weight getting has been fulfilled, mass fraction of lead
in sample weight has been determined. Lead panning and heavy fraction weighting are used as the method of analysis.
The acquired data make it possible to speak about convergence of theoretically calculated and experimentally obtained
relative error of reduction. As the result of artificial mixture concentration at self-cleaning centrifugal separator under low
intensity of gravitation field, the mass fraction in the concentrate and the tailings of the separator has been determined.
It has been determined that the use of model material under the estimation of the sample reduction error makes it possible
to acquire the result close to the theoretically determined one. The introduction of the operation of concentration into the
scheme of sample preparation leads to the decrease of the sample preparation relative error, which indicates high
efficiency of concentration during sample preparation.
Key words: sample preparation; reduction error; precious metals; heavy minerals; artificial mixture; centrifugal separator.
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