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Kochetkov V. P., Kurochkin N. S. – Khakassia Technical Institute, Branch of Siberian Federal University, Abakan,
the Russian Federation. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The article examines the automated asynchronical electric drive of mining equipment by the example of an excavating
machine EKG-8I, the working cycle of which is connected to hard exploitation conditions: high dust concentration,
intermittent operation, bumps, vibrations, high turn-on frequency varying within wide limits by load at engine shaft;
this has a negative impact both on the quality and quantity of rock production output, and the condition of mining machines
116 «Известия вузов. Горный журнал», № 1, 2017 ISSN 0536-1028
at large. The article examines electric drive of rotating gear with alternating optimal control system, which represents
internal contour of rotor flux linkage, calculated with the method of “engineering optimum” and analytically designed
optimal regulator of external coordinates over the current of stator and engine speed, situated in direct channel of control
system. In order to examine electric drive imitation model is created with MATLAB program Simulink package. Coefficient
change under feedback over the engine current and the speed of the first mass influences transient time and excavating
machine automated electric drive rotation elastic moment. The influence of weighting coefficients of optimality criterion on
the dynamics of electric drive in starting mode is examined; the algorithm of weighting coefficients selection is suggested.
The results of the examination have revealed the advantage of optimal integrated systems of controlling excavating
machine rotation asynchronical electric drive and the possibility of its application with the preservation of all the advantages
of asynchronical electric drive.

Key words: mining equipment; automated electric drive; integrated optimal control system; analytically designed optimal

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